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Patricia Gavin began her Bikram yoga practice at 53 years old to heal a ski injury that left her with her hips out of alignment and frozen shoulders after a fall in a shower in Paris that limited the range of motion in her arms.   She has practiced Bikram Yoga for more than 7 years.

After a year and a half of initial practice of the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a 105 degree "hot yoga" studio in Alexandria, Virginia, she applied to become a certified Bikram yoga instructor.  She attended the Bikram Yoga College of India Spring 2014 Teacher Training in Los Angeles with 276 other aspiring instructors from around the globe.   She continues to practice the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises to maintain health and longevity after a career as a military journalist and public affairs officer.

SIX AM IN LA is an account of her journey through the world of Bikram yoga as an alternative form of medicine and a form of self-realization.  Her story provides an understanding of how the Bikram Hatha Yoga practice can heal veterans and others with physical and emotional disabilities.  It also provides motivation and encouragement for those who are struggling in their practice and for studio owners to encourage regular membership and participation.